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Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety

Safety begins with proper wiring. Follow these electric safety tips:

  • Qualified electricians should install and check wiring.
  • Homes should be 100-amps; 200 -amps for homes heated electrically.
  • Electric appliances should have three-prong plugs.
  • Keep cords away from heat and water.
  • Never wrap cords around metal. Keep them away from foot traffic.
  • Weatherproof outdoor electric outlets.
  • Major electric appliances should have their own circuits.
  • Never use appliances when you are wet or on a wet surface.
  • Never use electric tools/appliances outdoors if it is raining or wet.
  • Always use moisture-resistant appliance cords outside.
  • Use power tools with durable, grounded or double insulated cords.
  • Never operate an electric lawn mower in wet grass.
  • Teach your children not to fly kites near power lines.
  • Never touch fallen electric wires. They may be energized.
  • Never enter a power substation.
  • Ground antennas. Install antenna (2x) its height from power lines.
  • Never use any type of metal equipment near power lines.
  • Show your family where the main fuse/circuit breaker is located.
  • Inspect cords. Immediately replace, not patch, damaged ones.
  • Never pull a plug from a wall outlet by the cord. Grasp the plug.
  • Unplug irons and heat appliances when they are not in use.
  • Plug power tools or heavy appliances into wall outlets only.
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